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While the use of video in corporate environments for webcasting earnings calls and the like is taking off, and vodcasting—or video distributed via RSS—has gained some traction in the entertainment space, vodcasting in the enterprise has yet to realize widespread adoption. What is holding it back?
Editorial/Feature - June 2007 Issue, Posted May 29, 2007
Every month, PlayStation 2’s online network draws millions of users from across a wide range of demographics, ages, and cultural backgrounds. Once in the system, users generate their own screen names, input titles for their games, and can communicate with fellow players via text messaging. All this text is potentially visible to the entire online community, creating the need for a way to monitor these lines of text and filter out anything vulgar or that wouldn’t be considered family-friendly. SCEA turned to Teragram for its complex, multi-language filtering needs.
Editorial/Case Studies - May 2006 Issue, Posted May 16, 2006
RSS feeds offer a revolutionary way for Web publishers to reach their audience. Instead of relying on the mercurial nature of readers’ online viewing habits or the increasingly ineffective use of email to push content to users, RSS allows publishers to enable readers to pull fresh site content into a desktop RSS aggregator. Yet getting eyeballs on the content is only part of the equation—content providers are still seeking out the best way to monetize RSS feeds.
Editorial/Feature - November 2005 Issue, Posted Nov 01, 2005
Vivisimo helps University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Library System patrons effectively search more than 300 health and biomedical titles in ebook form.
Editorial/Case Studies - October 2005 Issue, Posted Oct 14, 2005
In mid-May, Audible, a provider of digital spoken audio content, and Pearson Education, an educational publisher, announced a partnership to develop and distribute audio-only study guides to college students as a supplement to Pearson’s textbook product line.
News/News Feature - July/August 2005 Issue, Posted Aug 08, 2005
Handheld devices are becoming increasingly useful at freeing business users from the constraints of the desktop to view documents. Unfortunately, mobile handheld devices share common limitations, not the least of which are small screens and slow network speeds. Here’s a look at some mobile document delivery hurdles, and the efforts being made to overcome them.
Editorial/Feature - July/August 2005 Issue, Posted Jul 27, 2005
For more than a decade, European reliance on SmartCards—to secure financial transactions, authenticate cell phones, and more recently, to launch the ePassports initiative—has grown steadily. A SmartCard is essentially a little computer that, when put on a banking card, mobile phone, or other device, acts as a gatekeeper between the stored content and the outside world. Unlike the magnetic strips of credit cards that passively spit out data as they’re swiped, “the SmartCard chip plays a much more active part in the transaction,” says Chris Caruk, chief technologist and VP of marketing for Aspects Software. Today, as a result of work done by Aspects, SmartCards are poised to play a much bigger role in enabling the secure transfer of content in all its glorious forms.
News/News Feature - May 2005 Issue, Posted May 10, 2005
This article gives an overview of the various technologies through which end users can take advantage of the power of RSS feeds. It includes micro-reviews that highlight the pros and cons of a representative sample of RSS aggregation tools.
Editorial/Feature - April 2005 Issue, Posted Apr 22, 2005
Despite displays getting smaller, brighter, and more energy-efficient, they pale in comparison to the portability, readability, and feel of paper—still the medium of choice for the printed word. The electronic version of old faithful, epaper, may promise a new chapter in content delivery. geoff daily
Editorial/Feature - March 2005 Issue, Posted Mar 31, 2005
Nearly a decade ago, Margaret Bodde, co-executive director of the Film Foundation, began having a discussion with Martin Scorsese about how best to teach film to a broader audience than simply those studying film in college. "We started to see that if kids aren't introduced or exposed to films from the past, they'd have no motivation to protect them for the future," explains Bodde, so the Film Foundation was established with the express purposes of preserving film and educating the public.
News/News Feature - March 2005 Issue, Posted Mar 28, 2005
Over the last three years, mergers and acquisitions have become de rigueur in the ECM market as major players in the space strive to broaden the definition of enterprise content management, especially through the addition of digital asset capabilities. In 2001, Bulldog Group—a Canadian company that specialized in DAM—was acquired by Documentum. Interwoven signed an agreement in June of 2003 to acquire MediaBin. Less than two months later, in August of 2003, Stellent followed suit and purchased DAM vendor Ancept. Then in August of this year, Open Text announced its acquisition of Artesia Technologies.
News/News Feature - November 2004 Issue, Posted Nov 04, 2004
The FCC has mandated that all television stations be capable of broadcasting HDTV by 2006, but that isn’t the date that the Electronic Frontier Foundation is counting down to. Instead, it’s July 1, 2005—the day that the FCC’s broadcast flag mandate takes effect.
News/News Feature - October 2004 Issue, Posted Oct 11, 2004
As spam, adware, and other abuses of the Internet become evermore prevalent, the need to have a meaningful way in which end users can report this abuse has grown exponentially, not to mention network administrators’ need to have an automated system to facilitate these complaints. This is the problem that George Davey, network administrator at Des Moines University, has set out to solve through the development of a new protocol, dubbed the Iowa Internet Abuse Logging Protocol (IIALP).
News/News Feature - September 2004 Issue, Posted Sep 15, 2004
Ever wish that you could know the temperature outside without having to read any numbers? Are you the type of person who can’t resist going online every five minutes to check the price of your Ebay auction or your stock portfolio? Well a company called Ambient Devices is designing with you in mind.
News/News Feature - July/August 2004 Issue, Posted Aug 09, 2004
Nintendo’s Gameboy has been strengthening kids’ thumb muscles since its introduction over a decade ago. But those countless hours of button smashing were invariably spent doing one thing: playing games.
News/News Feature - May 2004 Issue, Posted May 10, 2004
Who wants to read a whale of a book like Moby Dick on a minnow of a display like a PDA? So instead of fighting this fact of life, a new, yet not so new, technology has risen to the challenge: epaper.
News/News Feature - April 2004 Issue, Posted Apr 13, 2004
Twice, Apple has stared down the barrel of organized customer dissatisfaction and dissent given life through Internet-enabled technologies.
News/News Feature - March 2004 Issue, Posted Mar 03, 2004