Marla Misek

Marla Misek is an Alexandria, Virginia-based editor and freelance writer.

Articles by Marla Misek

When Speakaboos began work on a website of storybook videos for "children and their caregivers to enjoy together," research into available commerce solutions revealed that most traditional payment gateways charge costly transaction fees that would undermine the pay per download business model the company envisioned.
Editorial/Case Studies - March 2009 Issue, Posted Mar 05, 2009
For years, Foot Solutions provided information to franchisees via an online collaboration system powered by IFX international. In February 2008, Foot Solutions began to hunt for a new solution and found Fliqz, a "white-label" video provider that strives to eliminate traditional barriers to online video.
Editorial/Case Studies - January/February 2009 Issue, Posted Jan 30, 2009
Impelsys helped Benchmark Education Co. develop materials that deliver information in a format that would enhance the reading experience, as well as subject matter processing.
Editorial/Case Studies - Sept 2008 Issue, Posted Sep 08, 2008
For nearly 10 years, CoreObjects Software,managed its meetings with follow-up conversations and emails summarizing what took place and identifying next steps. This approach had its limitations: agendas often were known only to the people who called the meetings, making it difficult for other participants to contribute, and it was difficult to track follow-up assignments, among other things. MeetingSense Software Corp. helped CoreObjects streamline its product development process and experience many other benefits as well.
Editorial/Case Studies - May 2008 Issue, Posted Apr 25, 2008
In overhauling its content management system—and approach—Siteworx worked with NAFSA to develop a more modern design, a more intuitive navigation system, indexed search functionality, and professional networks for different specialties.
Editorial/Case Studies - September 2007 Issue, Posted Aug 31, 2007
Ektron helps the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General update its website and implement a CMS in order to better facilitate the public-safety needs of the citizens of Pennsylvania.
Editorial/Case Studies - June 2007 Issue, Posted Jun 01, 2007
IBM provided California State University, Long Beach with 200 WebAdapt2Me licenses and server software that integrates it with the campus’s existing web delivery environment.
Editorial/Case Studies - March 2007 Issue, Posted Feb 27, 2007
InQuira helps Mentor Graphics improve its already award-winning customer service by helping its customers help themselves.
Editorial/Case Studies - November 2006 Issue, Posted Nov 01, 2006
Traction and help SITA foster collaboration and communication between about 100 of its team members and enable them to create a searchable knowledge base.
Editorial/Case Studies - September 2006 Issue, Posted Sep 15, 2006
RedDot Solutions helps streamline Web content management for NAIB's, which helped it reduce its IT needs and focus more on creating content and delivering a better user experience.
Editorial/Case Studies - June 2006 Issue, Posted Jun 08, 2006
IBM and Collaborative Learning Network provide the Nechako Lakes School District with a robust educational portal to help it provide adequate educational resources to all of its students, regardless of the size or financial resources of their local schools.
Editorial/Case Studies - April 2006 Issue, Posted Apr 14, 2006
The Red Cross' Manatee County Chapter worked with E Solutions to build a site that supports its humanitarian efforts--from providing essential information to volunteer recruiting and training.
Editorial/Case Studies - January/February 2006 Issue, Posted Jan 16, 2006
ClearStory Systems helps SPE find a better way to manage its assets and to compress the time associated with review and approval cycles
Editorial/Case Studies - November 2005 Issue, Posted Nov 01, 2005
Thomas Technology Solutions helps Northstar Travel Media streamline its production process and unify its systems.
Editorial/Case Studies - July/August 2005 Issue, Posted Jul 26, 2005
Content can be specialized to fit virtually any business need—no matter how obscure. Here we take a look at one horizontal and five vertical offerings to demonstrate how content helps companies do business.
Editorial/Feature - September 2004 Issue, Posted Sep 01, 2004
The academic world has been particularly traumatized by the rising costs of the traditional publishing paradigm. Every university and college is constrained by these challenges, but few have attempted to reinvent the wheel. The University of California is one of those few.
Editorial/Feature - March 2004 Issue, Posted Mar 10, 2004
Drawing from a data archive of nearly one billion proper names used worldwide, LAS software uses patent-pending technology to identify names by culture and confidence factor both for its core government market and for general business intelligence usage.
Editorial/Feature - November 2003 Issue, Posted Nov 20, 2003