How The Family Court of Australia Empowered Staff to Manage Their Own Web Content

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The Family Court of Australia is Australia’s superior court in family law and helps Australians resolve their most complex family disputes. It has approximately 700 staff in over 23 locations throughout the country.

The Challenge: Entering and updating web content...

The Family Court of Australia ( has more than 1600 pages of web content on their website. For some years, content was largely based on Court publications authored by the Court’s Communications Section and specific content owners. However, content entry by original authors was difficult since the staff was not trained in HTML.

When content had to be added to the website, it was published solely by the webmaster. All judgments, appeals, press releases, newsletters, job vacancies, and corporate notices had to be posted to the website in appropriate time frames.

The Family Court of Australia sought a content management solution that would allow for the different departments within the Court to create and edit content specific to their areas. They looked for a total content management solution that would give content creators the independence they needed to decentralize authoring and empower staff throughout the organization with the ability to enter and edit web content.

The Solution: A high-quality content management system.

The Family Court of Australia selected a comprehensive content management system (CMS) by an internationally recognized vendor which offered distributed authoring capabilities and controls to all of the departments who
needed to add and edit their own content.

The new system offered almost all of the features that the Family Court of Australia sought, except for one. The standard rich text editor in this content management system did not contain what you see is what you get [WYSIWYG] rich text authoring in its fields.

Content, which was frequently copied from original sources in Microsoft Word, was often messy and inappropriately formatted when pasted into the content entry forms, and at times, without HTML knowledge, staff could not correct the formatting. So the reliance on the Webmaster continued…

…and web authoring tool, EditLive!

With an upgrade to a new version of the CMS on the horizon, the webmaster sought a solution that would work with their system to simplify the content entry. They needed a tool that combined a familiar interface with one that enabled end-users to update content through a web browser. They needed a rich text editor that could cope with importing from Word, allow for content manipulation within forms, and empower the end-users with intuitive editing capabilities.

EditLive!, a rich text web authoring tool, was selected because of its seamless integration with the CMS platform and for its easy-to-use, Word-like interface. It features clean copy and paste from Word, easy formatting of bulleted lists and tables, insertion of images and hyperlinks, in addition to spell check as you type. Advanced features include track changes, thesaurus and many other capabilities.

The Result

EditLive! has empowered the end users of the content management system, increasing user adoption, improving content quality and saving the Webmaster more than 7 hours per week.

"It gives people throughout the organization a tool which allows them to format their content easily, correctly and accurately, and they want to use it!," said Tammy Mullins, the Webmaster of the Family Court of Australia. "Prior to the installation of EditLive!, content entered into the site needed to be checked and any problems with the HTML fixed by the Webmaster before publishing."

"And, the quality of the content has improved with EditLive! due to how easy it is to format content, check for accessibility, and correct spelling errors," said Ms. Mullins.


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