thePlatform: mpx

May 04, 2015

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thePlatform™ is the leading provider of online video publishing and video management solutions. Media companies rely on our online video platform as their open, central hub for managing, monetizing, and syndicating billions of internet video views each year. thePlatform’s services provide unmatched versatility for designing and supporting streaming video businesses on PCs, mobile devices, and TV.

Online video publishing is easy with mpx – the industry’s most complete video content management system. With its end-to-end automated publishing and distribution to a range of PCs, mobile devices, and TVs, you won’t have to spend nearly as much time on the logistics of your business. As the leading online video publishing and management system, mpx will give you advanced workflows and distribution methods; enhance the discovery of your content; let you monetize in every window; and provide your audience with a great playback experience. Built on top of our service-oriented architecture, you will always be able to rely on our enterprise-class online video platform since it can scale with your needs as your business grows.


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