Oracle: Oracle Mobile Platform

May 04, 2015


Oracle Mobile Platform

Oracle’s Mobile strategy is to simplify enterprise mobility providing a mobile platform that can be used to develop, connect and secure your own mobile apps. In addition, Oracle and our partners continue to deliver new, out-of-the-box mobile apps every day.

We are in the midst of a revolution where mobile is upstaging PCs, laptops and tablets to emerge as the device of choice for Internet connectivity, and digital engagement. In fact, the entire user experience is undergoing a dramatic change – with the “carry it anywhere, everywhere” convenience and accessibility offered by mobile phones.

Oracle Mobile Platform provides a common technology framework for building, integrating, securing, deploying and managing mobile apps on any device. It supports a multi-channel multi-device framework that allows you to build apps once and deploy them to iOS, Android and other platforms with web, native and hybrid delivery. To further increase agility and simplify enterprise mobility, Oracle has introduced Oracle Mobile Cloud Service, a digital engagement solution designed to make it easy to rapidly develop, integrate, analyze and manage engaging mobile applications while securely connecting to backend systems.

Among today’s enterprises, 87 percent have a formal mobility strategy yet 7 in 10 are struggling to keep pace with new mobile devices and systems. Let Oracle Mobile Platform streamline cross-channel development through the delivery of mobile applications and secure access to corporate applications and data on any mobile device. Oracle Mobile is helping enterprises transform to digital businesses and keep up with the mobile revolution.

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