May 05, 2014


Newsedge Newscast

NewsEdge Newscast
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News can be found anywhere and everywhere. Everyone seems to be producing news but is the information trustworthy? Is the content they are producing germane to your business? There are so many outlets for “news” these days that determining which sources are relevant and reliable can be a full-time job. Hire to do that for you. is built on the core concept of collecting the most reliable sources for news and information then making it easy for you to define what is relevant for your needs. It is then tailored for two very distinct audiences: business and finance.

This is where business professionals turn to read up-to-the-minute information on their company in the news, what’s happening with competitors and overall developments in their industry. Quickly select from over 400 pre-defined subject and industry topics in the Newscast Topic Library or define your own terms to get access to news that is important to you. With roughly 400 trusted traditional media and expert online content providers, you can get all that is news in one place.

Newscast Finance
Financial professionals have very specific needs: speed and accuracy. That is exactly what Newscast Finance provides. Over 50 real-time newswires and online sources have been carefully selected for the finance package – just the news that is impacting the markets. Additionally, the Newscast Topic Library contains 127 Trading Impact Codes enabling you to filter the news quickly and accurately. With
Newscast Finance, you get the right news right now.

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