May 05, 2014

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Cloudwords accelerates content globalization at scale, dramatically reducing the cost, complexity and turnaround time required for the localization of all marketing content.
Cloudwords’ enterprise-ready, cloud-based software enables organizations to go global faster, engage multilingual audiences more efficiently, and generate increased demand and revenue in less time.

Delivering integration capabilities for all leading marketing automation and content management systems, Cloudwords is fast becoming an integral partner in the globalization process for Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies worldwide, including Honeywell, Marketo, McDonald’s, Shazam and Verisign.

Cloudwords for Global Demand Generation

Pre-built integrations with Marketo and Eloqua, plus connection capability for any other marketing automation platform through our open API, help marketers quickly scale their marketing campaigns globally. With a few clicks, campaign assets are sent off automatically for translation, then appear back fully localized in the appropriate templates, ready for deployment.

Cloudwords for Global Web Operations

Cloudwords offers the easiest way for the digerati to make an impact worldwide. Built-in integrations with Adobe Experience Manager and Drupal, as well as the ability to connect with any other Web CMS, makes it as easy as a few clicks to have web content localized for key markets, ready to be pushed live.

Cloudwords for Global Content Marketing

With content marketing topping their priorities, marketers turn to Cloudwords to scale content operations globally. Cloudwords provides a faster, simpler approach to localization of any content format (html, video, pdf, and more) to drive engagement and growth in more markets.

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