May 05, 2014


Krux is the only cross-screen DMP built for today’s web enabled enterprise. The Krux DMP reaches more than 1.3 billion unique users including 250 million+ mobile phones and tablets. Your customers move seamlessly between their smart phones, PCs, connected TVs and gaming consoles devices & screens and the Krux DMP addresses these interactions. True understanding of their needs and wants means capturing and managing all that data across all those screens and turning it into a unified, real-time view of your people data. Using the resulting intelligence from the cloud, you are able to deliver the right message to the right screen, at the right moment across multiple media and content channels.

With Krux, more than 100 enterprise customers across four continents capture, unify and manage their most valuable asset -- data. Companies capturing some of the world›s most valuable consumer data - Meredith, YouBeauty, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Axel Springer, Washington Post, Source Interlink,, Financial Times, AARP - depend on Krux to protect and manage their data and connect it safely with trusted partners. Digital innovators like Bloomberg, Telegraph, NBC Universal and Triad Retail Media also depend on Krux to build better brand experiences and improve revenue from commerce and advertising operations. Backed by Accel Partners and IDG Ventures, Krux is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has offices in New York, Boston, London and Singapore.


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