The 2017-2018 EContent 100 Companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry

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In order to survive, everything must evolve. The EContent 100 list of companies that matter most in the digital content industry is no exception.

Every year during the voting process, we see how the changing list reflects the way the larger industry is developing. In 2017, a couple of trends emerged. The first, is the importance of artificial intelligence (AI), which is probably obvious to anyone in the content business. The second is the increasing importance of digital asset management (DAM). Next year, DAM will need its own category, but this year, we did our best to honor its contributions to the industry within our existing framework.

—Theresa Cramer
Editor, EContent

CompanyCategoryExecutive Summary
Acquia, Inc.WCM 
Acquire MediaDistribution & Delivery 
Acrolinx GmbHContent Creation, Content Translation, Localization and Globalization 
Act-On Software, Inc.Digital Marketing Technologies 
Adobe Systems, Inc.WCM, Content Creation, Distribution & Delivery, Online Video 
Akamai TechnologiesDistribution & Delivery, Inc.Distribution & Delivery 
Apple, Inc.Mobile Content, Distribution & Delivery 
AppNexus, Inc.Content Commerce 
Aptara, Inc.Content Creation 
Aquafadas Sasu, a Rakuten Co.Mobile Content 
Aria Systems, Inc.Content Commerce 
Atypon Systems, Inc.Content CreationView From The Top Profile
Automattic, Inc.WCM, Content Creation 
Brightcove, Inc.Online Video 
BufferSocial Media 
BuzzSumoSocial Media 
Ceros, Inc.Content Creation 
Cision US, Inc.Analytics 
Cloudera, Inc.Big Data 
Cloudwords, Inc.Content Translation, Localization & Globalization 
CoreMedia AGWCM 
Crafter Software Corp.WCMView From The Top Profile
Crownpeak TechnologyWCM 
CSOFT International Ltd.Content Translation, Localization & Globalization 
Curata, Inc.Analytics 
EBSCO Industries, Inc.Distribution & Delivery 
Empolis Information Management GmbHBig DataView From The Top Profile
EphoxContent Creation 
e-Spirit, Inc.WCM 
Evergage, Inc.Digital Marketing TechnologiesView From The Top Profile
FacebookSocial Media, Online Video, Inc.Online Video 
Google, Inc.Content Translation, Localization & Globalization; Analytics 
HaivisionDistribution & Delivery 
Hootsuite Media, Inc.Social Media 
Hortonworks, Inc.Big Data 
HubSpot, Inc.Digital Marketing Technologies 
IBMBig Data, Digital Marketing Technologies 
ImpelsysDistribution & DeliveryView From The Top Profile
Ingeniux Corp.WCM 
Kenshoo Ltd.Digital Marketing Technologies 
Kentico SoftwareWCM 
LingotekContent Translation, Localization & Globalization 
LinkedInSocial Media 
LionbridgeContent Translation, Localization & GlobalizationView From The Top Profile
LucidworksBig Data, Analytics 
Magnolia International Ltd.WCM 
MarketMuse, Inc.Content Creation, Analytics 
MarkLogic Corp.Big Data 
Moat, Inc.Analytics 
Netflix Distribution & Delivery 
NewsCredContent Creation 
OneSpotDigital Marketing Technologies 
OracleBig Data 
Perfect Sense, LLCWCMView From The Top Profile
ProQuest, LLCDistribution & Delivery 
Pugpig (Kaldor Ltd.)Mobile Content 
Quark Software, Inc.Content Creation 
RealviewMobile Content 
Reprints Desk, Inc.Distribution & Delivery 
Revizzit, LLCDistribution & Delivery 
SajanContent Translation, Localization & Globalization, Inc.Digital Marketing Technologies, Analytics 
SAP SEBig Data, Analytics 
SAS Institute, Inc.Analytics 
SDL PLCContent Translation, Localization & Globalization 
Sizmek, Inc.Mobile Content, Digital Marketing Technologies 
SkimlinksContent Commerce 
Smartling, Inc.Content Translation, Localization & Globalization 
Snap, Inc.Social Media 
SPi GlobalAnalytics 
Spotify ABDistribution & Delivery 
TaboolaOnline Video 
Talkwalker, Inc.Analytics 
TechSmith Corp.Online Video, Content Creation 
The Nielsen Co. LLCAnalytics 
TRANSPERFECT, Inc.Mobile Content 
TwitterSocial Media 
VigLinkContent Commerce 
Vimeo, Inc.Distribution & Delivery 
welocalizeContent Globalization & Localization 
WidenDigital Marketing TechnologyView From The Top Profile
Wistia, Inc.Online Video 
Wochit, Inc.Online Video 
XTM International Ltd.Content Translation, Localizatio & Globalization 
YouAppiBig Data 
YouVisitContent Creation 
ZUMOBIMobile Content 

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