Podcast: Christine Scheidegger on the Value of eBooks Versus Print

Aug 17, 2007

EContent magazine editor Michelle Manafy discusses the value of eBooks versus print with Christine Scheidegger, who led the Elsevier team which commissioned an independent study evaluating the value of eBooks relative to print books.

Once lauded as a sign of the imminent demise of their print counterpart, ebooks simply didn't take off the way many had hoped. However, in the past year or so, the ebook market has really taken off, particularly in academic markets. Elsevier, one of the most venerable names in publishing, commissioned an independent study that will be released soon, which examines the perceived value of ebooks versus print. Here, we discuss the results of the study and the growth and development of the ebook marketplace.


Note: we will provide a link to the study as soon as it is publicly available.