xrefer Releases xreferplus Content Selection System

Feb 28, 2003

xrefer, a supplier of institutional digital reference services, has announced that the new content selection system for xreferplus, its digital reference library, is now available to all subscribers. The new content selection system is designed to allow customers to choose the titles included within their subscription, giving libraries the choice and flexibility to meet their own individual information requirements. Subscribers to xreferplus currently receive access to a set collection of 100 reference books provided by 27 publishing brands. With the release of the new content selection system, xreferplus customers will be able to select the subscription option and content selection that best suits their needs. Two options will initially be offered; xreferplus100 and xreferplus125, which will allow subscribers to select 100 or 125 titles from an expanded content roster. Subscribing institutions can also change their content selections during the duration their subscription, allowing them to take advantage of new xreferplus content offerings and to adapt their subscription to meet evolving information requirements.