xrefer Launches Specialist Reference Service

Oct 01, 2004

xrefer, provider of online ready-reference services to libraries, has launched a new service, xreferplus Specialist Reference. xreferplus Specialist Reference is designed to deliver in-depth, subject-specific expertise from reference works by such publishers as Blackwell, MIT Press, and Berkshire Publishing, and includes works previously unavailable online. xrefer's new Specialist Reference service enables libraries to develop reference collections that specifically target the research needs of their institutions' most advanced programs. Specialist Reference titles can be ordered individually or combined with one of xreferplus' ready-reference solutions. Free, 30-day trials of xreferplus Ready-Reference are available online and libraries can trial Specialist Reference titles. MIT Press, Blackwell Publishing and Berkshire Publishing have signed licensing agreements with xrefer to bring selected titles to their readers via xreferplus. More titles from these and other publishers will be added each month.