thePlatform Releases New Software Suite

Apr 06, 2007

thePlatform, a broadband video application service provider, introduced a new software suite designed to enable content companies to create custom video players for delivering broadband and mobile video to consumers. In addition, thePlatform is offering companies the ability to create their own branded desktop software designed to enable consumers to download and manage music, videos, and other digital media files.

thePlatform's newest product, mpsPresent, gives companies a way to create more brand extensions and deliver custom experiences for online viewers. With mpsPresent, broadband video channels can be designed and deployed for playback on PCs, mobile phones, and set-top devices. mpsPresent consists of four elements: Player Designer, where video producers and editors can add branding, pick the layout and color scheme, and integrate their own media content catalog into their video players; Player Development Kit, where Flash developers can customize everything about the player, including building their own player controls; Media Manager, where companies can create a branded, local video player for scheduling, purchasing, downloading, and offline playback of music and premium content; and a Feeds Service, where content companies can fulfill requests for dynamic media catalogs and play requests within their broadband video channels. The Feeds Service also allows thePlatform's technology partners to serve other segments of the market.