thePlatform Relases mpx Beta Publishing System

Feb 05, 2010

Video management and publishing company thePlatform celebrated its 10 year anniversary with the release of mpx Beta, a re-engineered video management system designed to bring efficiency and scalability to online video publishing. mpx Beta is built around a new and intuitive console for managing video assets, including simpler processes for large batch publishing of video libraries across the web, mobile devices, and home media. Additional personalization features have also been added.

mpx Beta also includes several unique features, such as the ability to conduct multiple simultaneous uploads of video assets, and a non-linear publishing profile designed around the destination rather than the origin of the files, allowing for the intelligent automation of publishing processes such as creation, transcoding, and thumbnail generation.

In addition to mpx Beta, thePlatform also released its mpx Dev Kit, which allows customers to customize and extend the capabilities of the video platform.