thePlatform Mints mpx Gold Release

Oct 14, 2010

thePlatform released the gold edition of its mpx video management platform. The platform is a complete redesign of its previous mps platform, featuring a brand new video management console allowing for easier management of large content libraries, the ability to use federated deployment to enable redundancy and integrated caching, and a new Publish Profile, which helps users publish content to different destinations without the need to delve into complex configuration options.

The mpx platform also lets customers take advantage of content restrictions with geo-fencing, availability windows, and integration with a variety of DRM systems. Users can also set advertising policies to control what ad content appears for a given video, where it appears, and how it is displayed. The platform also features support for mobile phones, social content sites such as YouTube and MSN, and set-top boxes such as Boxee, Roku, and GoogleTV.