raw engineering Releases a Mobile-first Content Management System for the Enterprise

Jul 17, 2014


raw engineering, a software technology company specializing in mobile app and web application development in the cloud, announced contentstack.io - a mobile-first CMS for the enterprise. contentstack.io empowers accelerated content delivery across all web properties, web apps, mobile sites, and mobile apps managed by today's enterprises.

Built on top of built.io, contentstack.io comes with mobile enablement built in, rather than bolted on. This means the same content published to a website can be directly consumed and displayed by a mobile app. Companies can now use the built.io platform to create and embed web applications and use contentstack.io to manage content across these apps as well as the website.

Content can now be published and changed directly by business users in seconds, without requiring a developer to change code. At the same time, contentstack.io provides access controls and role management so that only authorized users can change content and any updates adhere to company policies and follow approved templates.

(contentstack.io, built.io)