pCloud AG Announces Branded Links

Feb 26, 2019

Swiss cloud storage provider pCloud added another feature to its array of features and tools. pCloud users can now customize their download links with custom branding elements. With download links, content is shared with others, and users can also track who's viewing and downloading their content. Users who enable branding for their download links can add and customize the title image, headline, and description of the download link.

pCloud says this new feature should appeal to all freelancers and professionals in the creative field. Be it an aspiring web designer, wedding photographer, or freelance copywriter, they will now all have the opportunity to personalize content sharing with customers. The new branding feature is very convenient if you want to stand out from the crowd and gain a competitive advantage.

With this new launch, pCloud continues to establish itself as the best cloud service for creatives and smaller media agencies who want to share many large files while demonstrating their creations in the best light. Of course, home users who have lots of visual content in their pCloud account or who regularly share files with their family and friends can also benefit from the new feature and use it in an entertaining and creative way. The option to add branding elements to their download links is available to all pCloud users, regardless of their subscription.

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