m-spatial Extend Orange Search With Local Results

Nov 10, 2006

m-spatial and Orange have introduced a new local search functionality on the Orange World mobile portal. The Orange UK portal home page search function has been upgraded to include results from listings of locally relevant businesses and amenities. The results are drawn from the local information already provided by the recently re-branded Orange Local (previously Orange Finder) mobile local search service.

The integration of Orange Local into Orange's search function was designed to extend Orange's strategy of offering a single 'search' point for consumers to highlight the content available, to drive traffic and encourage data usage. Users selecting one of the local results on the home page listing are automatically directed to the Orange Local service. Built upon the m-spatial Local Search and Discovery Engine (LSDE), Orange Local provides a detailed map-view of all businesses and services within the chosen area--along with other live and dynamic local information such as traffic and travel, entertainment venues and gigs, reviews, and listings.

(www.m-spatial.com; www.orange.com)