Launches with Content from Wharton Business School

Apr 24, 2007

knuru Ltd. has launched its online research engine for web users seeking authoritative business information. combines a natural language approach to search with dynamic contextualized results drawn from query relevance, not advertisement sponsors, to extract concise information from intellectual resources. The Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania has integrated it into the website and archive of its Knowledge@Wharton online business journal. Users at large are also given free access to this content resource, which populates as "strategic" search results in the interface. The natural language search methodology allows searchers to submit queries in everyday conversational phrases, sentences, and paragraphs. This system dynamically extracts relevant business information into contextualized summaries. Results are displayed in ‘Strategic’, those coming from trusted business information centers, or ‘Tactical’ panes, those coming from the most recent news headlines worldwide. In addition to the Wharton School other business-centered academic and private content databases will soon be made publicly available through knuru has also released a downloadable add-on to the Microsoft Office Suite allowing direct access to knuru from the program’s Research button.