knovel Offers Free Subscriptions To Colleges And Universities

Feb 14, 2003

knovel Corporation, a Web-based reference publisher of scientific and technical books and databases, has announced that it will offer colleges and universities access to four new chemistry references at no charge. knovel's chemistry subject area now has 66 interactive cross-searchable books and databases with 285,000 data records. Institutions can register for free access to the four free "ChemEssentials" titles by going to New ChemEssentials titles include: International Critical Tables of Numeric Data, Physics, Chemistry and Technology, 7 volumes and index (1st electronic edition)--Originally published for the National Research Council, ICT offers data on physical, thermodynamic, mechanical, and other key properties and is a reference source used by those involved in chemistry, physics, and engineering. knovel Critical Tables (academic edition)--kCT is a new reference featuring tables of properties for commonly-used chemical compounds in the physical properties tables. kCT has expanded the original 6,000 chemical compounds in the physical properties tables of International Critical Tables to more than 13,000 compounds. New tables will be added to kCT on a regular basis. Thermochemistry of the Chemical Substances--Compiled by thermodynamicist, Frederick D. Rossini, and International Critical Tables editor F. Russell Bichowsky, this reference serves as a companion to the thermochemistry data in International Critical Tables. Smithsonian Physical Tables (9th revised edition)--This reference comprises 901 tables concentrating on a broad scope of common physical and chemical data. In addition to these four titles, knovel recently released the following titles in the chemistry and chemical engineering subject area. Yaws' Handbook of Thermodynamic and Physical Properties of Chemical Compounds--Compiled and edited by Carl Yaws, this is a collection of physical, thermodynamic, and transport property correlations for 5,000 organic chemical compounds covering C1 to C70 organics. knovel Solvents - A Properties Database--This database is a collection of health, safety, and physical property information for over 1,100 different solvents.

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