ironSource Launches Dynamic User Engagement For Mobile Carriers and Device Manufacturers

Oct 13, 2016

ironSource announced the launch of the ironSource Aura platform, a content recommendation platform designed to empower device manufacturers and mobile carriers to build a long-lasting relationship with their customers by offering them relevant and valuable content throughout the life cycle of the device.

In development since 2014 and in stealth mode since Q2 2015, ironSource says it has already secured deals with more than 30 device manufacturers and carriers around the world including smartphone manufacturers HTC and ASUS. Aura is expected to ship on over 100 million devices worldwide in 2016.

Replacing the traditional pre-load model, the Aura platform says it transforms the out-of-the-box process into a dynamic, richly personalized experience, which enables users to set up their devices with content that fits their needs and interests. By enhancing the user’s device experience, the platform serves to increase brand loyalty for either carrier or OEM.

After the set-up process, the platform works continuously to utilize smart notifications and a discovery system based on user behavior and interests to deliver special deals, relevant apps, and data packages.