inMotionNow Introduces the Next Generation of Creative Workflow

Oct 16, 2018

inMotionNow has unveiled an all-new flagship product to support the insatiable appetite modern business has for creative content. The new platform, inMotion ignite, enables creative production through a new modern interface, which drives project efficiency and uniquely facilitates better collaboration between in-house creative departments and marketing. In addition, its new groundbreaking integration with Adobe Creative Cloud enables creatives to spend more time being creative and less time toggling between creativity and administrative tasks.

inMotion ignite is the next generation of software aimed at accelerating creative workflow. Both the design and features were driven by customer insights and feedback around how modern creative teams work and need to collaborate with their business stakeholders. It comes with drag-and-drop functionality that empowers creative and marketing departments to easily configure the system to suit their unique process and workflow. Here are just some of the key capabilities of the new inMotion ignite platform:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud Integration--The new product offers bi-directional integration with Adobe Creative Cloud. This allows creatives to spend more time creating in Adobe Photoshop CC, InDesign CC, Illustrator CC, and XD CC and less time on administrative tasks that research indicates can eat up as much as 20% of their time. 
  • Custom Request Form Library--Creative teams can now build a catalog of creative services that stakeholders or internal customers can request with simple custom request forms specific to each service or project type. This helps creatives get the information they need – a major problem cited in the 2018 In-House Creative Management Report – without unduly burdening the internal customer with exhaustive request forms. 
  • Easy Collaboration at Project intake--The new collaborative requests view makes it easy for stakeholders or internal customers to request and collaborate on a new project at intake. In-application comments – using the @mention format – helps creative managers and requesters to quickly clarify critical project requirements like specifications, budget, and timing before a project is approved to begin. 
  • Personalized dashboards--The first view users see when logging into the platform is a personalized dashboard that provides a quick snapshot of all their projects. They can see, report, and act on incoming creative requests, overdue projects, projects awaiting approval, and those in review or returned for additional creative action. This view is flexible and allows leaders to both drill-down to see specific details on a project – and zoom out to provide marketing and the business a complete and accurate report of current work in progress.

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