iVillage and TACODA Release Research Results

May 04, 2004

iVillage Inc., a women's media company, and TACODA Systems, a data integration platform that helps online publishers profile and target the most valuable segments of their audiences, have announced the results of online research conducted by Dynamic Logic in conjunction with Deutsch Inc. on behalf of Snapple-a-Day, the meal replacement beverage from Snapple Beverage Corporation.

The study shows that targeting female consumers on iVillage based on their previous site usage patterns, or behavior, has a greater impact on brand metrics than simply reaching them in specific content areas. Known as "behavioral targeting," iVillage employed TACODA's Audience Management System (AMS) to find diet and fitness enthusiasts among their monthly visitors outside of contextually relevant diet and fitness areas of The iVillage Network. Specifically, the tool enables the Snapple message to reach diet and fitness conscious individuals outside of typical diet content areas, such as parenting or relationships, by targeting visitors who had previously visited diet and fitness areas.  

By using TACODA to create an audience profile of visitors who had previously visited the Diet & Fitness channel within a 45-day period, iVillage was able to measure the branding impact of those exposed within the Diet & Fitness channel compared to those behaviorally targeted elsewhere on the site. Results indicated that visitors who were behaviorally targeted outside of the core Diet & Fitness channel had significantly higher scores compared to those exposed within the channel for Aided Brand Awareness (76% v. 66%), Online Ad Awareness (51% v. 33%), Brand Favorability (36% v. 21%), and Purchase Intent (37% v. 29%).

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