iVillage Goes Live with eMeta's Software

Jul 11, 2003

eMeta Corporation has announced that iVillage Inc. has launched the eRights Suite to commercialize portions of its online content and services. iVillage, a women's media company and source for women's information online, is using the eRights Suite to implement diverse business models based on its users' preferences and online assets. iVillage plans to use the eRights Suite to help it create additional revenue streams through the introduction of subscription and fee-based products and services. iVillage is using the eRights Suite to offer a combination of subscription-supported content and fee-based products and services. The eRights Suite also enables iVillage to broker content access relationships with its partners, potentially strengthening those partnerships and diversifying the companies' revenue streams.  iVillage's first online course powered by the Suite is a six-week offering titled "Awaken Your Sexual Self: 6 Weeks to Increase Your Sex Drive." According to iVillage, the eRights Suite will make it easier for its online courses to become a recurring revenue stream.

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