iUpload to Integrate With Google Maps

Jul 08, 2005

iUpload, a content management and corporate blogging solution provider, has announced an integration between blogs and Google Maps by adding Google Maps support to its iUpload Perspectives solution. With Google Maps Perspectives, a recently introduced business blogging application that allows users to create content in their blog and reach multiple communities and sites, users can now include Google Maps into their blog posts. iUpload's integration takes advantage of the Google Maps API, a free toolkit that developers can embed in their own Web pages with JavaScript and add overlays to maps, including markers, and display shadowed information windows.

The Google Maps Perspective allows users to present their blog or Web site content within a geographical context. Whether users use iUpload's platform or any other common blogging tool, they can apply the Google Maps Perspective to any post and will be asked to provide location information. Their post - title, summary, image, comments, etc., are over-laid on top of a Google Map.

The Google Maps Perspective is available now for free to anyone using the iUpload platform. Users of other blog platforms can also take advantage of the Google Maps Perspective at no charge by signing up at the Web site.

(www.iupload.com; www.google.com)