iUpload Integrates Corporate Blogging Technology

Jan 17, 2006

iUpload has announced that its enterprise blogging solution is completely integrated with NetSuite's on-demand business application software. This integration is driven by iUpload's membership in NetSuite's recently launched NetFlex Applications Program, an on-demand development environment to allow third party applications to integrate rich transaction data--orders, inventory, invoices, and shipments--with their applications.

The iUpload integration will allow NetSuite users to leverage iUpload's blog and wiki technology to transform corporate blogs into personalized Web sites that ultimately feed customer and company information into the NetSuite platform. By choosing which NetSuite accounts and contacts they would like to give access to, users can invite customers or other employees to comment on or even edit information within the blog. The user can share information with customers and allow the attendees to add or edit its contents. With a customer login, customers can contribute new content like product suggestions and industry news by posting to the blog. iUpload's NetSuite integration is available immediately to NetSuite customers.

(www.iupload.com; www.netsuite.com)