iUpload Announces MailbyRSS

Jan 23, 2004

iUpload, a net-native content management solution provider, is making available MailbyRSS for authoring RSS feeds by email. The service is designed to help organizations avoid enforcement liability of the CAN-SPAM Act, which took effect at the beginning of this year, through a service that transforms email campaigns into RSS feeds. MailbyRSS is intended to allow organizations to replace or augment their opt-in email campaigns with RSS feeds, providing them a way to ensure that the information they publish reaches subscribers without being filtered out by spam lists or filters. MailbyRSS accepts both text and rich content email, requires no new computer hardware or software, and is invoked by emailing content to a free MailbyRSS account.

To use MailbyRSS, organizations sign up to the service to receive a special e-mail address and password from iUpload. They can then immediately begin to author content for their RSS feed by sending it as an email to the iUpload service, where it is transformed into an RSS feed and distributed. When MailbyRSS receives an authorized email message, it automatically creates or updates an RSS feed and generates any supporting web pages required. The MailbyRSS service is currently available at no charge. Organizations can sign up to use the service on iUpload's Web site or http://mail.byRSS.com directly.  

(http://mail.byRSS.com), (http://www.iupload.com)