iTKO Announces LISA 2.0 Software for Web Services Testing

Feb 06, 2004

iTKO, Inc., an enterprise software development tool provider, has announced LISA 2.0 software for Web Services testing. LISA 2.0 is designed to enable developers to deliver quality Web services through fully functional Automated Testing (AT) methodology. LISA 2.0 Web Services Testing has been built to provide a solution that involves the entire team in automated testing throughout development, so businesses can deliver mature, industrial-strength Web Services.

Web services are modularly developed mini-apps of functionality that can be strung together to support complex business workflows. These applications can talk to each other using non-proprietary XML standards, and provide a standard communication interface into all kinds of legacy systems.

LISA is designed to support customers who need complete automated testing for complex enterprise applications. LISA 2.0 uses an inline testing technology to sit alongside and talk to any component that can impact a Web service. Inline testing goes beyond simply mimicking expected user behaviors, to discover both the cause and effect of bugs that may not be visible behind the scenes. LISA was built to test extreme conditions and to uncover and report the exact source of any web service problems stemming from Web and app servers, network transmission, database storage and retrieval, middleware, other applications and attached components (such as EJBs or other Web services) down to granular Java and XML code level. LISA does not impose a stiff fee when more tests are called for. Coupling this usage model with reduced training requirements encourages the entire organization to test Web services on a continuous basis, at every stage of development.