iREX Technologies Introduces eReader

Sep 25, 2009

IREX Technologies has entered the eReader market, combining technology that provides a traditional reading experience with an open approach to buying and transferring content. The company has unveiled the IREX DR800SG--an 8.1-inch, touch-screen eReader that offers multi-mode 3G wireless capabilities, powered by Verizon Wireless's network, and uses the latest electronic paper display technology.

Users can purchase books, newspapers, or magazines from a variety of sources. In addition, IREX supports multiple formats including industry standard ePub format and multiple DRM solutions, rather than a single “closed” proprietary format that locks content to a specific device. The IREX device includes the Barnes & Noble eBookstore from Barnes & Noble, giving users access to more than 750,000 titles, including new releases and bestsellers at $9.99. Barnes & Noble expects its eBookstore ( to increase to well over one million titles within the next year. Best Buy will carry the DR800SG at select stores beginning later this fall.

 The IREX device also leverages the Gobi multi-mode 3G embedded module which contains Qualcomm’s mobile broadband technology for connectivity to 3G networks around the world. The IREX DR800SG will launch in Europe the first half of 2010. Additionally, users will have the ability to download content to the device while traveling abroad next year. The device has an MSRP of $399.99. Wireless access to download content is included in the cost of the DR800SG and no contract is required.