iPhrase Releases One Step 4.5

Jul 15, 2003

iPhrase Technologies, Inc., a provider of self-service search and navigation software for applications, has announced the release of One Step 4.5. iPhrase's latest offering is an integrated self-service search and navigation platform. One Step 4.5 delivers architecture configurable for the full range of self-service applications across the enterprise, including customer service and support, commerce, and partner and employee support. Key new features of One Step 4.5 include: Usability--One Step 4.5 offers support for search and navigation interaction styles, giving businesses the option to expose either or both mechanisms in any self-service application. Personalized Presentation--One Step 4.5 dynamically generates a personalized self-service view for every individual user based on the intent of each query. This view can also be leveraged to include targeted cross-sell and up-sell and intelligent customer service escalation. Richer Usage Intelligence Analytics--One Step 4.5 can now produce a profile of users' needs and intent in their own words. These logs include metadata on every facet of users' self-service interactions, including the key topics and concepts that users requested. Added Management Console - One Step 4.5 includes a Web-based Management Console that allows business users to manage the self-service solution, from interactively testing the system, to reviewing analytic reports, to configuring the solution for specific business needs. Unified Content Architecture--One Step 4.5 does away with the traditional divide between structured data and unstructured content. One Step's architecture places each piece of content, regardless of type and source, into an extensible unified schema, transforming all incoming information into structured records with associated textual content, metadata, and optional access control restrictions.