iManage Offers Collaborative CM Platform

Aug 05, 2003

iManage, Inc., a provider of collaborative content management software for enterprises, has announced that its content management and collaboration platform is intended to enable developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) to support shared service and application service provider (ASP) models, while minimizing physical infrastructure investments. iManage Worksite MP, the company's Java-based collaborative content management (CCM) platform, is designed to allow development partners to set up separate, secure instances of CCM software serving multiple internal entities such as business units or multiple customers, such as in an ASP model - all on the

same server.

iManage WorkSite MP has been built to support multi-tenant environments. Each iManage WorkSite MP server can support multiple virtual repositories called facilities that are individually customizable, and maintain an independent user community and content base. Once a multi-tenant environment has been established, iManage WorkSite MP is designed to ensure that the ASP or shared service deployment can continue to grow to support growth.