iManage Delivers Collaborative CM Suite with iManage WorkSite MP 3.0 and WorkRoute MP Pro

Nov 05, 2002


iManage, Inc., a provider of collaborative content management software for global enterprises, has announced the release of iManage WorkSite MP 3.0, the latest version of its suite. iManage WorkSite MP 3.0 is designed to enable centralized, secure management of all content and interactions to increase efficiency, productivity, and business growth while aiding corporate accountability. Providing centralized management of all content and collaborative interaction both inside and beyond the corporate firewall, WorkSite MP 3.0 enables companies to properly assign and monitor accountability across the extended enterprise. Flexible security rules and access policies ensure protection of business content while allowing controlled access to designated outside parties. WorkSite MP 3.0 delivers integrated document and knowledge management, enterprise collaboration, and workflow functionality, all accessible through a secure Web portal. WorkSite MP 3.0 is a multi-platform, Java-based solution that operates across Windows NT, Linux, and Solaris platforms and allows integration with other enterprise systems. WorkSite MP 3.0 introduces a range of features designed to support collaborative, content-driven processes, including email management, Microsoft Office integration, collaboration spaces and knowledge centers, both knowledge centers and collaboration spaces, and advanced workflow.

IManage has also announced the enhancement of its workflow strategy with the availability of iManage WorkRoute MP and WorkRoute MP Pro. The two new workflow applications are designed to deliver a full range of business process automation functionality from ad hoc routing and approval to complex, structured workflows, all within a unified environment. WorkRoute MP and WorkRoute MP Pro are the newest applications in the iManage WorkSite MP suite, which delivers document management, collaboration, portal access, workflow, and knowledge management in a single solution on a scalable and secure Internet platform. iManage WorkSite MP has made content routing and approval an intuitive part of the WorkSite suite. iManage's combination of ad hoc document approval and structured workflow support enables companies to address the complete spectrum of business process automation needs in a single unified environment. iManage WorkRoute MP provides document routing and approval functionality. Users can initiate review processes on the fly for any document, including the one they are currently working on, specifying either one-at-a-time sequential routing in a specific order or simultaneous peer review by all members of a designated group. The system monitors status of the routing process and notifies the initiator when review is completed or when there is a rejection from a reviewer. iManage WorkRoute MP Pro is a workflow solution for automating complex content-based business processes such as contract or proposal approval, claims processing, customer returns handling, shipping, correspondence, and regulatory compliance, eliminating the need for manual process tracking and management. In addition to enabling re-use of efficient business processes, WorkRoute MP Pro features a graphical workflow design tool to model business processes, and supports escalations, branching, sub-processes and system-to-system process integrations. The system also features a forms designer so any form can be designed and routed as part of the workflow process. WorkRoute MP and WorkRoute MP Pro are both immediately available.