iLumin’s File System Manager Provides Information Lifecycle Management

Oct 04, 2005

iLumin Software Services, Inc., a provider of information lifecycle management (ILM) solutions that turn email and electronic content into true corporate assets, has announced the latest addition to the Assentor suite--Assentor File System Manager (AFSM).

Combining Assentor File System Manager with other Assentor modules that provide email management allows firms to store and access business-critical information. AFSM extends iLumin's ILM functionality to support a broad array of file types, such as those residing on Windows, Solaris, AIX, Netware, EMC Celerra and HP-UX platforms, among others. Assentor File System Manager classifies files based on frequency of access, the file type, and other criteria established by the user. Also included are reporting tools that analyze and report on storage utilization. Based on the administrator's pre-defined classification criteria (age, type, owner, path, size, etc.), AFSM automatically stores or copies files to the appropriate storage media.

Other benefits of AFSM include: Automated data management actions, which drive file movement, copy, and deletion actions across multiple systems based on established classifications and policies; Tiered-storage management, which automatically migrate data from primary storage to secondary or tertiary storage while maintaining transparent end-user access; Storage consolidation, which automate storage consolidation from initial planning to transparent migration of end user files and directories; and Policy simulation, designed to enable administrators to simulate data management policies before actual execution in order to better understand their scope and effectiveness.