iFood.tv Channels Coming to Connected TVs

Mar 27, 2012

Joining its recent launches over Roku and Boxee, iFood.tv plans to launch apps for Google- and Yahoo!-connected TV platforms, reports GigaOM. The site, known for its online instructional cooking videos and operated by FutureToday, Inc., will curate its video portfolio and creating its own channels of content.

iFood.tv has a library of 25,000 cooking and recipe videos that have been supplied by partnering companies as well as the site's users. The mission of iFood.tv, according to the company, is to teach people new techniques and recipes rather than to present a pre-programmed cooking show. The site also hosts 150,000 text recipes.

iFood.tv also recently introduced an Android app, which joins a newly updated iPhone app. The mobile apps allow users to store favorite recipes and keep a picture diary of dishes they've cooked, in addition to accessing the iFood.tv video library. An iPad app is in development. According to a statement, "Eventually iFood.tv plans to take the channels it has built for connected TV and recreate them as apps for tablets and smartphones."