iCopyright Releases Conductor 2.0 and Upgrades to Clip&Copy

Feb 20, 2007

iCopyright has announced an upgrade to Conductor, its copyright licensing and management system for online publishers. As part of the 2.0 release, iCopyright also launched a significant upgrade to Clip&Copy, its news alert and press clippings service for executives and information professionals. Conductor is designed to enable publishers to more effectively preserve their copyrights, license their content for commercial use, and to grant and monetize free-use permissions. Clip&Copy is designed to allow individuals and institutional users to find and use the content that is most important to them. Publishers can sign up free and add the iCopyright tag to their content by visiting the website. Users can sign up free to get Clip&Copy by visiting the Clip&Copy website.
(http://license.icopyright.net/publisher/wizardSignup.act; www.clipandcopy.com)