iCopyright Introduces Discovery

Sep 19, 2008

iCopyright announced the release of Discovery, a web-based service that finds both licensed and unlicensed uses of a publisher's content on the web. Publishers can use Discovery as a business development tool, a license verification tool, and to detect plagiarism and copyright infringement. Discovery works by fingerprinting publisher content and then searches the web each hour to find sites that are using all or part of the material. Discovery enables publishers to send a variety of redress offers to sites that are using their material and monitors the status of those offers. Discovery also provides publishers with a variety of automated escalation actions when their offers are ignored and sites continue to monetize the content at the publisher's expense. Discovery retains a snapshot of each piece of content it finds on third party sites and creates an audit trail of all actions taken by the publisher and the site with respect to the site’s unauthorized use.