iAnywhere Unveils Free Developer Edition Software; Integrates with SQL Anywhere Studio

Feb 18, 2004

iAnywhere Solutions, Inc., a subsidiary of Sybase, Inc., has announced the availability of the free M-Business Anywhere Developer Edition, which is designed to enable developers to deliver Web-based content and applications to PDAs with minimal recoding. In addition, the company unveiled new integration with SQL Anywhere Studio, enabling developers to leverage the mobile database to create data-driven Web-based mobile applications.

M-Business Anywhere is the core technology of the AvantGo mobile Internet service. The platform enables companies to mobilize internal and external Web sites as well as a wide range of back-end enterprise applications including CRM, ERP, field service, data collection, inspection, help desk and business intelligence solutions. With the new M-Business Anywhere Developer Edition, developers can expect to create mobile applications that increase the speed and accuracy of data collection, reduce costs and enable faster, more efficient decision-making.

In addition, iAnywhere introduced integration for M-Business Anywhere with SQL Anywhere Studio's UltraLite technology, a component of the company's mobile database. Integration between UltraLite and M-Business Anywhere is intended to allows enterprise to create mobile applications with all the benefits of a relational database on the device and the development and deployment advantages of a Web-based architecture. Interested developers can download both the M-Business Anywhere Developer Edition and the latest version of the SQL Anywhere Studio Developer Edition by visiting www.ianywhere.com/mbusiness_de. This site also features a link to register for the upcoming "Mobile Web Development Fundamentals" Webcast series.

(http://www.ianywhere.com), (http://www.ianywhere.com/mbusiness_de)