i411 Announces Discovery Engine Search Tool; iLocal Deployment

May 24, 2005

i411, Inc., a search-technology provider based in northern Virginia, has developed Discovery Engine, a search tool that uses algorithms to compress information into a format that is optimized for searching. Discovery Engine is intended to make navigating massive information bases easier, and allows users to focus their searches and obtain the specific information they seek.

Discovery Engine is designed to solve the problem of information overload by presenting users with categories and subcategories of information rather than just individual results ranked by keyword relevance. i411 designed the technology that fuels the Discovery Engine from the ground up in an effort to ensure effective searching and to optimize the searching process. Discovery Engine enables effective searching by exploiting known connections among common search criteria. By grouping search results by different headers, such as location, date, and more domain-specific information (business type, academic field, etc.), users are able to refine their search query continuously. If the correct search results are not found with the original user query, the software automatically presents the user with similar categories or topics where the correct information could possibly be located.

i411 has also announced the successful deployment of a new local search destination powered by the i411 Discovery Engine. iLocal serves consumers and businesses in the Netherlands, enabling interactive searches for Internet users who are looking for local merchants. i411 provided an end-to-end implementation, including application development, software and hardware architecture, design of the user interface and the look and feel of the site, and integration with the existing back-end. iLocal is the online business guide of Yellow Bear Company BV, a Dutch company that has taken a new approach in Local Search. By using the advanced search and retrieval technology of i411, Yellow Bear Company, supported by private investors from the Netherlands, has launched a new alternative to the traditional guides in Holland.
(www.i411.com; www.ilocal.nl)