hybris Launches Contextual Marketing Platform

Feb 10, 2015

hybris software, an SAP company, launched a new marketing solution that unifies customer data into one centralized hub. According to hybris, having real-time context-based data about individual customers and anonymous visitors enables brands to deliver contextual, consistent, and relevant experiences throughout a customer journey, regardless of the marketing channel or device. Leveraging the SAP hybris Marketing solution can improve marketers' current marketing programs and opening up new approaches to serving customers with relevant contextual marketing.

The SAP hybris Marketing solution uses real-time contextual data to continuously update a 360-degree profile of both identified customers and prospective customers. This dynamic profile spans what each customer has done in the past, what they might do in the future, and what they are most interested in at any moment in time. Using targeting tools, marketers can reach customers through one-to-one personalized campaigns on the website, via e-mail, digital display advertising, trigger a sales or service call, or push messaging to mobile applications and devices. Campaigns can be automatically triggered by customer behaviors in real-time, planned and scheduled by marketers, or created ad hoc by marketers with a few clicks of a mouse.