etribes Launches Blogging and Photo-Sharing Service

Jul 21, 2006

British software company etribes has launched a secure, online personal publishing and photo-sharing service for adults who are too busy to 'blog'. etribes lets people create their own personal website, and update it regularly with news and photos. It is designed for adults with busy social lives who do not want the hassle and technical challenge of maintaining a blog, but who do want to be able to share news and photos.

Features of etribes include: Personal publishing ('blogging') and photo-hosting all in one site; No technical skills required--type the news and click to publish; Upload photos from camera, desktop or mobile phone; website templates with no advertisements or 'clutter'; the ability to define groups of people and publish news and photos only to those people; A web address to keep forever; annual fee of £24 for a full etribes account with up to 10GB of photo storage; and additional services lets users phone and text people from the desktop.