engage:BDR Launches Influencer Advertising Platform For Instagram

May 04, 2017


engage:BDR, a cross screen video advertising company, announced the launch of IconicReach, one of the first influencer advertising platforms created by an established advertising technology company. IconicReach says it is a one-stop shop for those brands looking for a place to discover and manage an array of influencer partners. The goal is to yield high engagement and authenticity, and for influencers to seamlessly connect to numerous potential partners in one place.

IconicReach will match influencers to advertisers’ needs- factoring in variables like budget, vertical, post frequency, and more. Marketers will be able to browse targeted lists, or the platform’s full roster of influencers.

engage:BDR says it has cultivated relationships with many of the world’s largest brands, including American Apparel, Nasty Gal and ProActiv, through their creative video and display advertising campaigns. The company witnessed firsthand the efficiency and growth afforded by the addition of technology to the marketing process. It says its primed to create a similar cohesive environment for the influencer marketing space.