ebrary Launches QuickView

Nov 07, 2008

ebrary, a provider of e-content software and services, announced the availability of ebrary QuickView, which enables end-users to view documents in many web browsers and on the iPhone. No software downloads or installations are needed. Currently offered in conjunction with ebrary’s new Java-based Reader, ebrary QuickView can be used to access and explore documents in the ebrary system such as e-books, maps, journals, and reports. An end-user can also choose to use ebrary’s Java-based Reader. ebrary QuickView currently offers the following features: viewing and page flipping in a web browser, relevancy ranking at the chapter level with links to specific sections, navigating to search terms or specified pages, searching within documents for key words, and navigating to highlights and notes created using an ebrary Reader. ebrary offers several viewing options including Java-based Reader with QuickView and ActiveX Reader.