eZ Systems Splits eZ Publish into Community and Enterprise Editions

Sep 09, 2010

eZ Systems announced that it will begin offering two separate versions of eZ Publish, eZ Publish Community Project and eZ Publish Enterprise. The eZ Publish Community Project will leave the development process to long-term, trusted community members, while eZ Publish Enterprise will maintain the accelerated innovation of the community edition while also featuring a dedicated code base and more rigorous testing. The changes will take effect with the up-coming September 28th release.

eZ Publish Community Project will allow long-term partners and community members who have demonstrated their skills and knowledge to have greater influence on the eZ Publish roadmap. More than 37,000 members of the eZ community will have the opportunity to directly contribute to the eZ Publish Community Project code repository. Meanwhile, eZ Publish Enterprise will be managed in a dedicated code base, incorporating stronger testing and packaging and featuring integrated Enterprise add-ons available only for eZ Publish Enterprise subscribers.