eZ Systems Releases eZ Components 2008.2.

Jan 09, 2009

eZ Systems announced the release of eZ Components version 2008.2. This is the seventh version of eZ Components, which is a general-purpose PHP library of over 40 components used independently or together for PHP application development. The eZ Components tool set provides application functionality, such as caching, authentication, database interaction, templates, and graphs. The main new development of the eZ Components 2008.2 release is the MvcTools component. The MvcTools component implements the tools for a framework. It provides a dispatcher, two request parsers, two routing methods, two view handlers, and a response writer for HTTP. The Document component now has more formats, such as three different wiki formats (Confluence, Creole, and DokuWiki), the eZ Publish XML formats, as well as reading XHTML and writing ReST. The Webdav component now supports authentication and authorization, as well as support for integrating authentication mechanisms into existing systems.