eZ Systems Announces Publish Now ECM Package

Dec 08, 2006

eZ Systems has announced it will offer its Enterprise Content Management business solution, eZ Publish Now, which bundles the Open Source ECM, eZ Publish, with setup and maintenance services provided by eZ Systems and its certified partners for a fixed price. Additionally, eZ Publish Now includes cluster support designed to ensure content delivery.

The eZ Publish Now is available in four total delivery packages, starting from $2,790. All four packages include setup and automatic updates, as well as patching of critical bugs and security issues. They differ, for example, in the maximum initial response time for support requests, ranging from 3 days to 1 hour 24/7. The Basic and Silver packages are on-demand solutions, hence including hosting in the annual subscription price. Further customization of the standardized packages is available from eZ Systems and its certified partners.