eZ Publish Enterprise 4.5 Is Released

Mar 31, 2011

eZ Systems announced a major expansion of its enterprise service, eZ Publish 4.5 release. The new services are only available for eZ Publish Enterprise subscribers. Key features of the expansion are extensible REST API, an asynchronous publishing mechanism to support parallel publishing, a rebuilt service concept based on the eZ Service Network, and the launch of the eZ Market app store.

The eZ Market is a storefront for selling proprietary Partner extensions to eZ Publish Enterprise Subscribers. Three different types of extensions are available: cloud extensions that give access to cloud services, bridge extensions that link eZ Publish to other software, and functional extensions that add features and functionality to the eZ Publish platform. It will give Partners the chance to derive additional revenue from existing project developments and will let customers get extended functionality for lower prices, because partner development cost can be split over many installations.