eYeka and Unruly Partner To Launch Always-On Social Content Solution

Mar 20, 2014

Advertisers will now be able to produce, distribute, and measure end-to-end social campaigns across the web using a global partnership between marketing technology platform Unruly and eYeka, a crowdsourcing community.

According to the 2013 Chief Marketer Social Media Survey, 37% of marketers feel that creating social media content is too time-consuming, while 13% don't know what content to create and 29% feel that there is never enough fresh content. The new partnership between video specialists Unruly and crowdsourcing platform eYeka aims to help ROI-driven marketers keep up with the ever-increasing demand to create and distribute content.

Crowdsourcing content with eYeka's creative community typically delivers 20 pieces of brand-inspired content at a much more affordable price. This partnership also provides the ability to predict which content has the most potential to get shared. Unruly ShareRank is a proprietary algorithm that allows advertisers to predict the "shareability" of a video, before it's even launched. Unruly Activate is a cloud-hosted platform for social video distribution and tracking which reaches one billion consumers worldwide and powers your entire campaign. You can also use Unruly Analytics to get instant information on the ROI of your paid and earned media.

 (unrulymedia.com, eyeka.net)