eUnify Networks Announces Web-Based Database

Oct 22, 2004

eUnify Networks has announced an online shared database, available immediately at Features include the ability to create databases either from scratch, CSV import, or by selecting one of several pre-defined templates. Integrated database views and field-level permissions give control over the database by granting specific users and groups the ability to view, edit, and delete information. It is one of 17 applications available in their group-based collaboration suite for business productivity. With the eUnify Networks Web-based shared database, companies are able to store, manage, filter, and view their important information. Both content and structure from CSV files can be imported, specific permissions and access can be granted per database view, and the group-based permissions ensure secure and limited access. Multiple field types are supported including calculated fields that support built-in mathematical, date, and string functions and table relations. The company also offers database consulting services.