ePeople Teamwork 5.1 Integrates with Microsoft Outlook

Jan 30, 2004


ePeople, Inc., a provider of enterprise software that is designed to help teams in support, sales, service, and development to turn informal interactions into corporate knowledge, has announced the release ePeople Teamwork 5.1. Without leaving Microsoft Outlook, ePeople Teamwork 5.1 lets knowledge workers access relevant information, find help from experts, capture knowledge, and work in a collaborative fashion with customers and partners. ePeople Teamwork 5.1 is intended to overcome the shortcomings of email by making it trackable, visible, and reusable.

Directly from Microsoft Outlook, ePeople Teamwork 5.1 captures issues. Users can then search for any known solution and if one does not exist, ePeople Teamwork 5.1 assists in identifying experts from cross enterprise resources based on their knowledge and past experience. The assembled response team can include experts, employees, customers, or partners who collaborate in a shared workspace to resolve the issue. While many users will interact using Microsoft Outlook, ePeople Teamwork 5.1 also supports other devices and interfaces including PCs and handheld devices, the Web, email appliances, and instant messaging.