ePageCreator 5.5 Enables Unlimited Flipbooks for Users

Sep 16, 2013


Alive Software Inc. has released ePageCreator v. 5.5, a digital publishing application for Windows and Mac that lets you turn PDF, Flash, and image files into flipbooks that can be published to your website, blog, or CD/DVD, and to your customers' mobile device. ePageCreator creates ebooks, e-catalogs, and e-brochures from a single source file. The documents employ a realistic 3D page-flipping visual effect that displays your content professionally and memorably.

Without needing a graphic artist, business managers can use ePageCreator's library of templates and backgrounds to design and publish electronic documents. The entire production and hosting work takes place on your PC or Mac, with no need to engage third-party artists, designers, or programmers. Alive Software says there are no limits to the number of electronic documents that can be created, and no hidden charges.

ePageCreator builds standard Flash or HTML5 files for use on PCs, Macs, iOS devices, and Android phones and tablets. The software can also create ePub and .mobi files for e-readers such as the Kindle, iBook, Kobo, and Nook.